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From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 12:24:35 PDT

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Subject: Java and Email
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 02:07:19 -0700
From: Eric Armstrong <eric@treelight.com>

Open Source Servers
 * Current release is under beta test.
 * Portable: A 100% pure Java application based on the Java 2
   platform and on top of JavaMail extentions.
 * Protocol abstraction: protocols are seen only as "communication
   languages". Apache James is not tied to any particular protocol
   but follows an abstracted server design (almost like JavaMail did
   on the client side)
 * Handles both mail transport and storage in a single server.
   (Works without the need or any other server or solution.)
 * Servlet support: supports MailServlet -- an easy-to-write,
   easy-to-use pattern allow to build powerful mail systems.
   Examples: a mailet to send mails as fax or voice, filter mailets,
   translator, mailing list, newspaper via mail etc.
 * Rresource abstraction: like protocols, resources are abstracted
   and work through defined interfaces. Highly modular. Plans to
   reuse solutions from other projects (Tyrex, Cocoon etc).
 * Secure and multi-threaded design: based on the technology
   developed for the Apache JServ servlet engine. A careful,
   security-oriented, full multi-threaded design for performance,
   scalability and mission-critical use.
 * Anything else you may want if you help us write it :-)

 This note from the doc of the Server Pages Foundation Classes
 was also interesting:
 "When building server side applications for the Web, independently
  of the language used (Java, PHP, Perl, etc), a lot of time is spent
  writing embedded HTML code and dealing with the fact that HTTP is a
  stateless protocol."
  The SPFC appears to be a language-independent solution.

 Jyve: "A FAQ-O-Matic system" that appears to let you turn
 interactive question and answer sessions into a FAQ, and ask
 questions interactively when the FAQ doesn't answer them.

 Plus other cool stuff at http://java.apache.org/.
 (Browse the items in the left hand column.)
Another Source-Available Server
  --includes a ListServ (not working). No mention of MIME
  --found at http://javaarchives.javaarchives.com/email_clients.html
  --his link to resources: http://www.emailman.com/

Open Source Clients
  "Mailpuccino a *very* attractive and user-friendly interface,
  using the latest JFC/Swing Classes
http://augustum.net/java/email/Email.java (bare bones)
  (fyi. Sun now adopts PonyEspresso for a mail client)
http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~marktop/MUMail/ (GPL)
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/grendel/ (part of Mozilla)

Standalone/Integratable Browser (/ HTML Bean)

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