ground rules

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 16:20:41 PDT

First, thanks to Shinya for resolving the problems with this list. It
looks like mail is going through correctly now, and the archive is working
as well.

Now for some ground rules. The purpose of this list is to discuss all
things pertaining to the development of the Open Hyperdocument
System. The reason I don't restrict this to purely technical discussion
is that there are some organizational issues we will soon have to address
when we start releasing this code as open source.

Because we're a small community to start off with, we need to make an
effort to self-police ourselves and stay focused on the mission. If there
are items that you consider clearly off-topic, don't hesitate to say so,
either in private or public e-mail, so we can stay on track.

To get those of you who haven't been participating in the Menlo Park
discussions up to speed, we now have a preliminary set of target stages,
requirements, and use cases that we worked out on Tuesday. I will post
those on this list later tonight.

Clearly, anything related to requirements management, OHS design, managing
this project, etc., is fair game on this list.

Regarding links to software that you find interesting. In the interest of
staying focused and keeping signal-to-noise high on this list, I would ask
that you not send out links to software unless you have already done a
preliminary evaluation, and you think that it is highly relevant to our
current needs.

For links that you find interesting, and that may be relevant later,
please post them to our WIKI site instead. That site is located at:

That way, we can have that information archived somewhere for scanning at
our leisure.

I think that covers most everything. Comments and questions are welcome.


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