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From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 22:32:35 PDT

* Eugene Eric Kim <> [000726 09:00]:
> [... Perl 6 group summary and analysis ...]
> 3. E-mail addressability and the OHS can help the design process.
> Larry Wall is in charge of language design, and while he can do whatever
> he wants, knowing Larry, he will actually read all of the design-related
> messages on the Perl 6 bootstrap mailing list. Some of the messages and
> threads may actually influence some of Larry's design decisions. With
> the OHS (and initially, with citable e-mail), as he begins to develop a
> design document, he can link specifications to relevant threads. This
> creates a useful form of organization for accessing the knowledge within
> the mailing list, as well as documents part of the reasoning behind
> certain decisions.
> This works for requirements as well. Some people have proposed
> requirements to the list (again, even though this is not the list's
> purpose). As Larry starts building a requirements document, with the OHS,
> he could link individual requirements to relevant threads, with the same
> advantages as cited above.

Is Larry Wall interested in the OHS right now?

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