short term stages of development

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 23:57:34 PDT

Last Tuesday, we worked out a set of targets for the initial development
of the OHS. These are what we came up with:

    1. XML schema for e-mail. This will allow us to support granular
       citability of e-mail, and multiple views.

    2. Build engine for viewing XML e-mail and supporting multiple views.

    3. Link management engine.

    4. Build Web-based application for participating in e-mail
       discussion. Reply feature will:

        a. Include URL w/ location of that e-mail w/in archive.

        b. Add links to e-mail citations.

    5. XML formats for Web/Augment.

        a. Work towards converting Doug's Augment documents to this

        b. Work to convert our own Web-based documents -- papers,
           requirements, etc. -- to this format.

    6. Extend viewing engine to support these formats.

These are initial targets that we can start developing right now, with
several different opportunities for evolution branching from each
step. Nothing is set in stone; these stages will likely evolve as we
progress. This should also not preclude people from working on various
evolutionary branches that may interest them, although for these initial
stages, we clearly can use all the focused effort we can get.

Right now, we need volunteers to help develop these stages. I've
volunteered to work on the first step, and am hoping to have something
ready to show by our meeting this Thursday. I'll send some of my design
notes and thoughts to this list. However, I welcome any help; at the very
least, it'd be useful to bounce ideas off of people.


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