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From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 12:22:43 PDT

On 5 Aug 2000, Grant Bowman wrote:

> Do we have links to all of the different mailing lists that have been
> used? This may be tremendously helpful, an index to the subjects and
> purposes of each list.

Nope, but we should. I'm inclined to say that the only list that should
really be linked is the ohs-dev list for now, although we can link the
unrev-ii list under a "History" page or something. There's just so much
stuff on the other list, I don't know whether the raw archives would be
useful for anyone other than historians, although when we finish our
addressability capability for e-mail, we can certainly link to messages in
that archive from any document.

> > - Developer documentation (some of this stuff should probably go on
> > WIKI)
> Is there a link to the Wiki from these pages yet?

Wish we had these pages in the first place. :-) We have to create them,
and when we do, we'll definitely link to WIKI. I've got to say that
although I was initially down on WIKI (and I'm still not crazy about it),
it's a useful scratch pad for collaboratively working on design
information, and it's a great experiment for working out a methodology for
the OHS to support.

> > - Links to pertinent articles, specs, and software.
> John, do you still have all the links you have suggested? If you get it
> into HTML format, I will gladly plop it into the wiki for you.

We should have two pages of links. One, an unfiltered page of potentially
interesting links to which anyone can contribute. Two, a very focused
list of articles that are directly pertinent to what we are currently
doing. This page should be moderated.

> This is a great outline. One thing that I have had trouble getting to
> is the information stored on teh Stanford servers about the last two
> years of activity. I thnk this is perhaps outside the scope of the OHS,
> but worthy of effort to at least get a set of 1/2 dozen links to the
> different resources over there.



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