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earth wrote:


Comments from the land of ecommerce, where every usability
failure is a lost sale:

> 2) Output is HTML perhaps with javascript.
> Question: Some people object to javascript for general audience
> tools because its support is spotty outside windows and mac.
> How do people feel about JS?

On broad-audience site I only spec it for added pizzaz. On
sites with a buy-in audience I might integrate it. So the
question is how much buy-in (investement of time and faith)
is OHS expecting from its users?
> Question: What spec HTML is the target? HTML 4 with style
> sheets and the like? Assume mozilla and msie 5 or should be
> be fully compatible with NS4 ?

I'm still at HTML 3.2, no CSS. Lotta Lynx browsers out there,
and god knows where WAP is going.
> 3) Weight of Engine: is this intended to be installed easily
> on most systems (written in perl or 'stand alone' scripting
> language), or is it reasonable to require PHP or require
> zope or some other module or engine? Do we have an initial
> customer target list that we can query and find out what they
> would want or what they are willing to install for the sake
> of this product?

When I get the big picture (if?), I could probably break down
the prospective customer list fairly accurately without surveys.
[giant snip on usability/interface/search questions]

I have an unhappy feeling that Augment has the answers to
most of those questions. When we see the demo or screen shots,
we may find the wheel has been invented.



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