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From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 13:08:36 PDT

Hello All,

> > 7) Front page. Human-easy entry page. What does the front page
> > to the basic system want to look like? What elements of the design
> > of the interface

First, I think of it as a thinking "I want to put his in my DKR."
This individual or part of one or more groups is
functioning as an interactive entity in this
symbolic object oriented realTime disTributed netWork.
As the information item is submitted,
the user chooses sets of attributes that describe this content
in relation to other content in the target repository.
Many of these attributes may be set automatically,
such as time and source and others.
For entering standard e-mail, the XML encoding is shown by Eugene.

I suggest adding a 'wrapper' tag like

<DKRName dkrid="dkrName" key="dkrKey" category="dkrCategory"
 author="dkrSubmitter" seeAlso="dkrReference"
 create="000612" update="000622">
  ... eugene's encoding ...

This allows some structure in the XML database.
Now the item can be archived, which consists of
saving the original with a link to the submitted item and
translating the part of the original to be submitted
into DKR form with a link to the original item.
Navigation thru the DKR can be accomplished using
tags external and internal to this item.

Next, the user may wish to add comments or links to the item.
Now a component or subsystem is needed that shows
the item's overall and detailed structure.
These views of the archived information have easy methods to select
different levels of detail of the item.
The user can add personal standardized 'markup'
which may include links, comments, etc.,
as well as visualize the coordinates of this information item
as part of the knowledge domain in which it now resides.

Thank You and Best Regards,

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