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From: ncarroll (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 14:28:08 PDT

> Opera is a Windows based browser that's pretty popular, right?

Quite popular in the rest of the world. While their market
share looks puny, a pound begins with a penny. Significantly,
they have a track record of promoting browser products that
support/run on Opera. This can be good for 500+ unique visitors
per day to the web sites they link. And there is is nothing
puny about 180,000+ new visitors a year. That goes triple
when one considers that it is highly desirable traffic:
educated, disenchanted with MS, often technical, and
with enough money to pay thirty bucks for a browser.

  Does it
> do ECMAscript and XHTML?

ECMAScript, yes. They don't mention XHTML on this
here new features page:



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