From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 23:26:10 PDT

People should check out Grant's reference to CritMail:

Tanya Jones of the Foresight Institute actually gave a presentation on
CritMail, CritLink, and CritMap during Doug's colloquium. Curiously
enough, they have modified hypermail to create links between citations and
the original message contents. Granular addressability is sort of
available using CritLink. CritMail also reimplemented in C some ideas
from a script called, a Perl script that does some
sophisticated conversions of text to HTML. Both CritMail and
are GPLed.

Our e-mail archiving project and CritMail share some common motivations,
although we're starting with a cleaner slate and have more ambitious
goals, in terms of our viewing capabilities and well-structured
documents. Because CritMail is GPLed, we won't be able to steal code, but
that shouldn't prevent us from stealing ideas, with proper attribution of
course. We should also do our best to share our ideas and explore ways to
combine efforts. This shouldn't be a problem; several of us have
relationships with people at Foresight.


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