Re: Basic Browser Requirements?

From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 00:29:18 PDT

well, at this point the first job is to get something to work.
At this point, talking about what standards to follow without discussing
what it is that needs to be done belongs in unrev-II list. If someone wants
to do it once for the old way, then once for the new way, I'd say join those
who have already done that. If you are not using IE5, NS6.2, M14 or other
browsers that will do XML and DOM2, then you just don't understand that
"It's easier to debug, easier to clone, and easier to scale." I'd like to be
able to test what we do and I don't want a 16MB download of a DOM0 browser
to do that.

One advantage we may have over another group doing the same sort of thing,
is that they may care about the old stuff. Chances are that they were such
avid NS folks that they made a real neat interface using layers. Don't talk
about most mature web designers, they were probably burning MS for bringing
out IE4 and complaining about how MS DHTML was junk, making money coding
cross-browser, and were probably among the last to find out that for NS6,
their hacks to get IE to work like NS become the main code. Really, even if
wanting to work with NS4 is not just an excuse for not wanting to study the
latest and greatest, or an excuse to hang with your old favorite, if you
start with wanting it to work with DOM0 products, you will never develop a
first level interface. I mean if your favorite browser is NS4 and you
develop code to do some simple OHS functions, eventually you to will move to
NS6 or whatever, and then you can throw your old stuff away. We should only
care about active current and future W3C standards and that leaves out DOM0.

I'm not going to continue to preach to developers that want to live in the
past and cater to preDOM issues. Jakob Nielsen's opinion is honorable I'm
sure, but it rings of commercial intent to keep charging for those lines of
code that those backward customers use.

> I suggest that OHS show them -- before Bill Gates stuffs it down our
> throats with a second-rate add-in to Windows 2002.

If we don't follow standards, then our stuff won't work there anyway. If we
do, then it will.

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