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From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 21:18:53 PDT

Okay, folks, subject line says it all. We're going to stop having our
Thursday meetings indefinitely, starting this Thursday.

We're doing this for a few reasons. First, we're at the stage where we
really need to resolve some architectural issues if we're going to be
successful in this endeavour. At the same time, Doug wants to make sure
that he understands some of the things that we're talking about, and that
we understand some of the things that he's been talking about. We decided
that Thursday meetings are not the optimal way to accomplish this, and
have come up with an alternative, which I'll describe in a second.

Second, we want to emphasize discussion on this mailing list. A big
problem that we've had is that we talk about a lot of things face-to-face
in Menlo Park, and then don't sync that information properly with the
people not able to attend those meetings physically. One of the goals of
this project is to improve our ability to collaborate online, and so it's
time to start putting our money where our mouth's are. That means, we
should shift the discussion as much as possible to this list, for
starters, and eventually to the OHS, when it's capable.

In the meantime, Doug is going to be contacting some people individually
to set up some one-on-one sessions and possibly some small group
meetings. Through these sessions, we hope to come to a common
understanding regarding both short-term and long-term architectural
issues. Throughout this whole process, we'll report the outcome of those
meetings to this list for further discussion. Within a week or two, we
hope to make enough progress to come up with an architecture and design
spec once and for all, with Doug being the ultimate arbiter of good taste.

This is not meant to be an exclusionary process. As I said, results of
these meetings should be reported to this list. Additionally, discussion
should continue over this list. Also keep in mind that if Doug does not
contact you individually, that does not mean we are not paying attention
to your contributions over this list. We all follow this list, and if
you're making important contributions, your voice will be heard.

Incidentally, this is very much like what happened with our licensing
decision, although we hope to accomplish this in far less time. In the
case of licensing, there was some initial discussion over the list, where
people had an opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Then
Doug had some one-on-one discussions with some individuals to help clarify
his understanding of the various issues, and to communicate some of his
own questions and qualms. Finally, a small group of us got together and
came to consensus. I think it will work well again in this case as well.

This decision also means that this week's Augment demo is
cancelled. However, we still want to do an Augment video, and the
feedback I got from all of you was very helpful. I'm sure this will
result in some discussion with Doug, either private or on this list, on
how to best put this thing together.

If anyone has any questions or comments, let's hear them. And let's keep
the discussion going on this list!


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