Re: a2h Java Source Code Available

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Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 02:29:18 PDT

> Nevertheless, I'll point out a few things that need fixing. First,
> every paragraph should have opening <p> and </p> tags surrounding

I've gotten away with no /p tags for years. Don't imitate me....

> them. Second, you shouldn't be using <ul> tags for indentation.

I'll say! That's why God made DL tags.

> would recommend defining an appropriate style class, and then using
> <div> tags for indented sections. I can show you how to do this if

While DIV tags are great labor-savers, I've also found them the path to
On ecommerce gut jobs I usually just strip them.

> you'd like. For that matter, <font> information should also be in a
> stylesheet rather than embedded in the HTML.

Presently stripping stylesheets out of a big site, replacing them with
logic and batchfiles at the design level....

 Finally, as a first step
> for XHTML conformance,

>tags should be lower-case, and attributes
> should be delimited by quotation marks.



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