Powerpoint slides conversion

From: Grant Bowman (grant@suse.com)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 23:58:57 PDT

I have here Doug's VA-Linux & SourceForge presentation from June 30.
There are three pages that need to be redone from the bitmap images.
Doug, I don't think anyone has looked at this again, have they? If
anyone else can help, please email me. I can get you pages 10, 54 and
56 (numbers based on the printout I am working from) in either paper or
electronic format.

There are another set of eight pages (22-26,28,36,37) I would like to
see redesigned, but it's not nearly as simple and definable a task...

This is a relatively low urgency item, but since I counted the pages
today I thought I would throw it out and see if anyone can help with it.


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