OHS Requirements? Design or source repositories?

From: Matthew England (mengland@mengland.net)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 13:43:21 PDT

      To: OHS developers
Subject: OHS Requirements? Design or source repositories?

I'm a newbie that subscribed to this list just today (8/23/2000). I'm
extremely interested in this (OHS) project and the concepts described at

Does OHS development have a set of documented requirements? The closest
thing I could find was:


Is this what you're working from? Does OHS development have a defined
requirements-management process?

Also, is there a repository for things like design and source code? I saw
a reference to a package in the
http://bootstrap.org/lists/ohs-dev/0174.html thread, but
http://sourceforge.net/projects/ohs/ and http://ohs.sourceforge.net/ have
no direct reference to a design-doc or source-code repository.

My apologies if these are already-answered faqs or something similar. I
skimmed through the ohs-dev@bootstrap.org email archive at
http://bootstrap.org/lists/ohs-dev/ and didn't see anything that answered
these questions; maybe I didn't look hard enough?

Thanks for any help,

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