Re: [Fwd: Meeting Summary: 22 Aug '00]

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 17:41:06 PDT

  The writeup reflects the design I saw in our meeting.
Something I did not write out explicitly was that the
system as currently constituted plans to use totally
vanilla email clients. There is no plan to do anything
that works with email messages. Instead, the messages
will be stored in OHS-form, accessible via the web.

  Stage 2 of the system I saw proposes adding an
editor to the system, so that archive can be modified.
How is unclear, and what affect that might have on
existing email links is as yet unresolved.

  In the three hours we spent discussing how such a
system might be implemented, we did not get to the
point of having an email handler, nor was such a
handler considered a central part of the system.

  I believe I got some things wrong. I know I got
some things wrong. But a lot of the notes about how
the system is "really" going to work were not
reflected in the discussion I had.

  I would love to see the issues resolved.

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