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Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 18:45:04 PDT

Since I made the mistake of posting the original note on unrev, I'm
this excellent post to ohs-dev, so I can reply to it there.

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The paper "Beyond Threaded Discourse" by Jim Hewitt is available at:

Hewitt sheds some interesting light on some of the points Eric makes

From: Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com>

> --What I want, fundamentally, is an email system that delivers
> a reply to me "in context" so that it appears as part of
> the original message. I would also like to be able to register
> the threads I'm interested in -- always seeing threads that are
> really new, but not being bothered with additional messages
> to old threads that I've already chosen to ignore. The current
> proposal won't give me anything like that, but will instead
> clutter my inbox with link-containing messages. Reconstructing
> an argument from a series of messages like that will be
> next to impossible. That will force me to consult the archive.
> --Unlike many users, apparently, I am not a big fan of archives.
> In fact, I hate them. I have my own archives -- copies of the
> messages I care about. I search them when I need to. So a
> system in which the archive is the most (and possibly only)
> useful part of the system holds little interest for me.
> --The other email problem that I would love to see fixed
> is not addressed by this proposal: searches. When I search
> messages in my inbox, I get a list of messages -- I then
> have to click each message to open the text, and do another
> search to find the term! Awful. Search should work like a
> document search (find next, always showing the term in
> context).
> Bottom line:
> Had we done the use case analysis, I would like to think that
> system requirements like "see reply in context", "ability to
> ignore threads" and "better searches" would have come out. For
> the use cases we did examine, the need for categories did appear,
> but is not addressed in reasonable fashion in this proposal, imo.


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