Re: On working with existing systems

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 00:27:33 PDT

ncarroll wrote:
> And in 30 years I would rather look back and say "We did it --
> and changed the world", than
> ... "We had the best system." (I coulda been a contenda....)
Couldn't agree more. Question is, what's the best strategy for
doing that?
> Can you guys come up with an architecture that accommodates
> older email via a workaround "module"? Something -- perhaps
> less than perfect -- which allows older email clients to
> plug in, but doesn't trash the basic architecture of OHS?
Dunno. Lee really seems to feel its not much of a problem.
I tend to be less sanguine, but I could be wrong. His vision
was based on working from version-controlled files that
would enable change-detection. That's possible, but everytime
I try to visualize such a system, I see a lot of problems.

Without version control, the issue of identifying what
part(s) of a reply are copied from a prior message is
problematic -- for example, I tend to reformat lines to get
good line breaks and fix typos in the original text! That
will screw the system up big time, I think.

The vision I have of the result looks like a half-baked thing
that will work well some of the time, but look weird a lot
of the time, too.

I'd like to be wrong about it all, but at the moment that's
asking me to set aside a lot of experience that's telling me
how things are going to go. I'll be having additional
conversations on the architecture in the future. We'll see...

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