Re: On working with existing systems

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 13:21:47 PDT

Grant Bowman wrote:
> With a little trust on both parts, I think the coders here can start on
> short term items. Later, as the longer term ideas are more well defined,
> they can be passed along. I don't know if this segmentation should take
> place through a seperate email list, or just by agreement that there are
> at least these two viewpoints (long and short term) and that both can
> co-exist. I think that there are discussions that are in such seperate
> directions we have to acknowledge this and not allow our discussions to
> get muddled.
What I'd like, and I think this was the goal of creating ohs-dev, is to
focus on short term, what-are-building-today kinds of issues at ohs-dev,
and keep long term, how-do-we-augment-intelligence kinds of things at
unrev-II. On a long-term/short-term scale, there is an issue of where
the line is drawn. In general, my imaginary line is much closer to now,
leaving the majority of possibilities in the "future" category.

But there is also a qualitative distinction between the immediate design
and many other possible avenues of approach. Here's the rules I suggest:
  * If the concept for the initial design isn't clear, then post
    material to unrev-II and badger ohs-dev for an understandable
    summary, so it will be clear when posting to ohs-dev is appropriate.

  * If the initial design *is* clear, then keep qualitatively different
   topics on unrev-II.

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