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Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 20:31:45 PDT

Sorry for the delay.

We spoke with Jayson Minard and Jeff Fredrick of on
Tuesday August 29th at 4:00. I met Jayson during a presentation they
gave called the OpenIndustry Forum a few months back and had a good
discussion with him and a few of my collegues from SuSE.

We talked a bit about our two efforts, their company and our group of
volunteers. We share many ideas about collaboration. Their goal is to
"bring the religion of collaboration to open source." They also
mentioned something about Extreme Programming, but I didn't catch the
full reference.
        1) any company of size develops software internally of some type

        2) almost all software work is collaborative

We talked about the similarities between Collective IQ, groupware,
outsorcing and clubs.

We talked about a concept "staging through knowledge domains." Given
different domains of knowledge, while they do gravitate in particularly
relevant directions, each has overlap with others. Conventional
software development in particular was mentioned in a corporate

Doug asked about the present tools of the conventional software
development including source code control, etc. We talked about this
offline as well. It is of course a barbaric way to control anything,
make a copy and lock the original, then check it back in. You never
had to do that with Augment, but this to my mind is still mostly state
of the art. Tools like ClearCase where you edit in place with a virtual
filesystem on top are by far the exception. CVS is common in Open
Source circles.

We described the OHS as a lense used to view existing email archives
first. We talked about the similar function of NNTP, mail lists, Web
forums, etc. They developed a tool internally called Rainbow. SuSE has
developed a ticket tracking system for support internally called STTS.
I implemented a ticketing system for internal IS functions that's open
source called WREQ. SuSE internally is looking for some better options
for our professional services group.

OpenAvenue has based their tools on the "publish and submission" model.
I like this term since it captures quite a bit. They have a few unique
tools that they want to open source parts of. This code is embeded in
proprietary code too, specifically StarTeam.

They are located in Scotts Valley, they call it Silicon Beach. We
invited them to see this mail list in particular. I hope they read
this and can add another perspective.

Doug, please add your commentary as well.


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