Re: Quiet?

From: ncarroll (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 17:38:58 PDT

Grant Bowman wrote:
> * Eric Armstrong <> [000927 14:47]:


> Good question Eric,
> My understanding is that we have stopped regular meetings and haven't
> started anything formal or regular back up again. Do we have all the
> summaries in? I think I was going to edit mine because I was too
> biased when I wrote my Doug discussion summary. It happens.

What summaries? Huh?
> I was also working on getting a telnet based Augment client terminal
> going, but I think Nicholas is doing more on this than I at the moment.

I'm mostly poking at the Augment linking conventions
and file structures, trying to figure out what those
portend for DKRs. Still without the actual Augment
client, I haven't devoted as much time to thinking
about views and user commands.



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