Not Re: Quiet?

Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 12:07:07 PDT

Hi Eugene!

How you be, eh?!!!

I've been wanting to give you a call, but i've lost your phone number
somewhere within my awesome post-it note filing system (cringe). Nothing
horribly urgent, just wanted to chat a bit and catch up, and get an opinion
on location. Can you give me a ring whenever you get a chance -

Also and BTW, I have a very, very solid lead on money...yes real
money...person who's very familiar and interested in Doug's work...and with a
track record. Can we bring him on down and demo him (that is to say, convert
him into a demo)?

Talk to you soon!


PS - drawings are good, the writing is slower but coming around now - had
some distractions (a paying gig came along when I needed the money)

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