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Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 16:22:08 PDT

Precision links, I believe, specifically refer to such targets ("anchor names" in ) as statement numbers ("those funny purple
numbers"), statement identifiers or SIDs, worker-assigned statement names. See:


Other references:


"Precision browsing" Jumping directly to any object in any file with on-the-fly
custom views 2D1E1H

Precision browsing includes cross-window jumping and dynamic view control; keep
annotated lists of links or hits to selected passages, email links to author or
co-workers with questions or comments 2D3A



Precision Browsing 1

     We designed our website for quick maneuverability by combining: 1A

          explicit structure 1A1
          jumping and viewing options 1A2
          unique address given to every object
          - i.e. paragraph, heading, image, quicktime clip 1A3

     For example, we provide a table of contents at the top of every document,
with [>] ZOOM IN buttons that opens up more detail. Within the document, every
heading has a [<] ZOOM OUT button which jumps you up to its "parent" heading.
These ZOOM buttons allow you to pop back and forth between the detail and the
top-level outline view, to "traverse" the structure of the document. And when
clicking on a link lands you deep in the middle of some document, you can click on
the nearest ZOOM OUT button for a birds-eye-view. 1B

          You will notice that the table of contents has you clicking on a button
rather than the heading text. Think of it as collapsing and expanding the document
structure, rather than following a reference to more detailed information. 1B1

     We have also pre-tagged the tail end of every paragraph and heading with
purple Statement Numbers which you can use to jump directly to, and/or uniquely
reference, any item in our website. 1C

     For additional background information, see Controlling the View and Traveling
Through the Working Files in the paper Authorhip Provisions in Augment
(OAD,2250,7). 1D

     These simple features were designed to give you a taste of what we've
envisioned for the website of the future - a collaborative knowledge environment
which has evolved well beyond publishing, into facilitating, capturing,
integrating and adding value to the swirl of in-process collective work of virtual
teams and communities (out of which pops knowledge products to be published). See
Boosting Collective IQ and Essential Elements of An Open Hyperdocument System for
more detail. 1E

     And last but not least, clicking on the BI logo in the toolbar on any page
will take you back to the BI home page. 1F

Eric Armstrong wrote:

> "precision links"
> --That is one great buzzword, Nick.
> It captures the essence of "fine grained addressability"
> but in a way that has the flavor and nuance of a fine
> swiss watch, or synchronized swimmers: elegance, grace,
> accuracy -- all of that.
> --The concept of "precision" can also be extended to
> cover the capability to include the target text inline,
> display a link to it, or hide the link so it is available
> when you make a extra gesture (say, a right click). In
> other words, you can specify with precision how the link
> should be treated.
> --Finally, you can specify the precise view that should
> greet the user when the link is traversed.
> "precision links" is a buzzword that could easily catch on!
> ncarroll wrote:
> >
> > Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
> > >
> > > On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, ncarroll wrote:
> > >
> > > > What summaries? Huh?
> > >
> > > See:
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > =================
> >
> > > > I'm mostly poking at the Augment linking conventions
> > > > and file structures, trying to figure out what those
> > > > portend for DKRs. Still without the actual Augment
> > > > client, I haven't devoted as much time to thinking
> > > > about views and user commands.
> > >
> > > This is very interesting stuff. When I release the a2h code, you'll see
> > > some notes on Augment and OHS linking.
> >
> > Creating "human-and-machine readable precision links"
> > (preferably in less than 500 characters) will definitely be
> > interesting. Hmm, a new buzzword for OHS: "precision links,"
> > referring to links that can address document nodes.
> >
> > ==================
> >
> > > Forgot to mention in my last e-mail: Nicholas has developed a great design
> > > for the OHS web pages,
> >
> > ;-) Nicholas has whipped out an adequate-to-task design....
> >
> > > which we'll hopefully get up relatively soon.
> >
> > Ready here. Need logo and content.
> >
> > N.
> >
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> > ______________________________________________________
> >
> > Nicholas Carroll
> > Email:
> > Alternate:
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