Re: Worthwhile feature for OHS?

From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 23:57:14 PDT


This sounds great. Does Mozilla have any capability to allow this?


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* Henry van Eyken <> [001002 05:27]: > Many long years ago, I learned how to manipulate information on a GUI > window and transfer the results directly (without cut-&-paste) to any > window on the screen. Thus, for example, one can draw a box around a > mathematical expression and have the answer appearing at the cursor on > the press of a key. That was done with an Atari ST where the information > was transferred through the input-output buffer (iorec). One person used > the technique to convert on-screen data directly into bar graphs! > > I also used the iorec for transfering information from my "Fleabyte" > calculators to any editor or wordprocessor by simple point-&-click. See > illustration and caption in > > uses for BASIC > > I wonder whether this might be a useful technique for use in an OHS. It > would permit immediate, on-the-spot evaluation of information; most > obviously numerical information. > > Some time ago, I mentioned on this forum the Be operating system (BeOS). > Direct transfer of information is a design feature of that OS. For > example, they have a demo where a ball bouncing around in a chamber can > bounce directly through an exit into a chamber shown in another window - > back and forth. > > Just a thought ... > > Henry

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