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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 21:27:05 PDT

For the Boostrap site I should like to see more of Doug's writings in html
format. A Bootstrap bibliography is found on page . A number of the 31 articles listed are
available in htm format. Others still need conversion from Augment to html.
Now, with the availability of Eugene's a2h, I wonder whether a few volunteers
may be found who are willing to put the script to the test. The following
articles need converting: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 25, 26, 30, and

Work is now underway to give the Bootstrap site a makeover. Intention is to
create some major divisions:

a. Bootstrap Institute. -- This division will have overviews of what
bootstrapping and OHS are. Futher it will contain a section about Bootstrap
Institute services and the bibliography just mentioned. Though is being giving
to include an overview of KM as well.

b. Bootstrap Alliance.

c. Chronicle. -- A zine-format section about Doug and the fruits of his work
and thoughts.

d. Colloquium. -- A focused educational section for which the starting point is
the Colloquium, "The Unfinished Revolution II" held earlier this year at
Stanford. It also comprises the on-line discussion forum. See:

e. R&D. -- Mainly concerned with the technical component of bootstrapping, such
as - prominently - the OHS development. In view of the rapid pace of
development in this area, Nicholas C. has begun work on developing this part of
the site.

f. Engelbart in context. -- I am perceiving here a section with high-quality
digests of co-evolutionary developments. Major source to be tapped here is the
abundance of information posted to the Unrev-II forum. Each item should carry a

A mock-up may be found at . But, please,
don't read too much in it. It is merely an outline.

It looks like that next month I shall have an opportunity to spend some time
with the Institute. I hope to put the time to good use by meeting fellow
volunteers and look forward to learn a lot from their expertise. Naturally, I
am focusing on the Bootstrap website and am hoping to find some people with a
keen interest in playing an editorial role.

In the meantime, I like to know from people who care to commit themselves to do
some of the a2h (Augment-to-html) conversions mentioned above.


Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

> The program is now available for your viewing pleasure from my web
> site:
> I should have it installed this weekend (along with the appropriate
> gateway), which will allow Doug to start uploading Augment documents to
> the web. Although the code has limited utility, there are some
> interesting things there:
> - some documentation of Augment files
> - description of things that need to be done that could easily become part
> of the first rev of the OHS, including a link database and an XML->HTML
> transcoder
> Additionally, there's plenty of room to improve the script (written in
> Perl), and it should be fairly easy to modify. Specifically, the parsing
> could be a little more clever, and it should be really easy to write a
> function that generates XML once we create the appropriate DTD. I'd
> encourage people on the list to read the documentation and the code, to
> make comments and ask questions on the list, and to modify the code to
> accomplish some of the things on the To Do list.
> -Eugene
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