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From: ncarroll (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 12:57:43 PDT

RE: Augment in Smalltalk availability

Henry van Eyken wrote:
> Rod (with copies to Doug, Eugene and Nicholas):
> I am stuck in the mud here because I have no access to Augment). I wonder if Doug,
> Eugene or Nicholas have a satisfactory solution here. I understand there exists a
> poor man's version of Augment in Smalltalk.

I have the Smalltalk version on my HD, but have not logged
in successfully with it. (Telnetting in to Augment is no problem,
but fairly useless.) Trying to do this the easy way, by contacting
a Smalltalk guy back East.

If no luck, I'll stop by BI next week and see about mirroring
the settings on Doug's box.



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