Re: Xerox PARC Magic Lenses -- Parallel? Equivalent? Value Lessons?

From: ncarroll (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 22:14:30 PDT

Eric Armstrong wrote:

> I especially the liked the bit about seeing detail while keeping
> a sense of context.

Yep. It's what the human eye does: cones and rods. We know
how to handle this. My difficulty with MagicLenses--and most
other imaging schemes--is that they lack consistency. In the
real world we would go insane if our vision were not consistent.

This is what I like about Augment, and other great software views:
breadth, focus ... and consistency.


> But without a highly graphic system, the mechanisms they have
> generated have very little applicability to what we are doing.
> (However, when graphic representations of topic maps and the
> like come to the fore, this technology will be very useful.)

Yep. Down the road, and with broad acceptance.



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