More on Magic Lenses

Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 01:19:55 PDT

Hello All!

Just a quick (and belated) response and a couple of notes.

I absolutely agree with Nicholas in the need for consistency. I suspect this
lack of it is one of the main reasons the work at PARC seems to stop around
1996 or 97. The way we had implemented this concept in the Apple project
left out that strange shape changing depending on what pixel you were over.

What I've done in the implementation of the Magic Lens I'm working up for OHS
is to abandon all the seemingly random changes in the shape of the lens.
Therefore, we will have absolute consistensy in the way the lens functions,
so it can be learned without a lot of head scratching. What I've tried to do
is match the way Augment is working with kind of a control and modifier hand
and a keying hand. Apologies, Doug, if I'm describing this poorly.

I have a couple of screens comped up at this point, but need to write some
annotations to describe the actual function. A real interactive demo is
planned after the comps are finished.

The basic concepts I'm applying, though, are Zooms and Sorts. I also intend
a couple Action lenses as well, to deal with links, formatting and a couple
of other things in my notebook that's already packed for tomorrow's
unexpectedly (and unusually) early getaway. Sorry about this. Boo Hiss!!!
(the early meeting, that is)



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