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Here's an interesting proposition we can possibly discuss next Tuesday, Oct.

> Subject: ASE Special Issue on Software Engineering for Mobility (Call for Papers)
> Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 19:04:49 -0400 (EDT)
> From:
> To:
> Kluwer Journal of Automated Software Engineering
> Special Issue on Software Engineering for Mobility
> Call for papers
> ---------------
> The integration between computing and communication represents one of the most
> important technological developments of the last decade, a phenomenon marked
> by significant economic and social changes centered mostly on the Internet.
> The goal of this special issue is to examine the next major wave of
> technological changes in the computing environment, the integration of
> computing, communication, and mobility. In its broadest sense, mobility
> involves the migration of computing components through some logical or
> physical space. Physical components provide the platform for applications
> designed to cope with changes in physical location and connectivity to both
> wired and wireless networks. Physical components can assume a large diversity
> of forms including sensors, personal digital assistants, laptops, and large
> computing platforms residing on vehicles including cars, ships, or airplanes.
> Movement may happen across geographical regions or in the confines of a single
> building. Applications executing on such platforms may act in isolation, may
> coordinate with components in close proximity, or may access resources on a
> fixed network. Mobile components can also come in the shape of logical units
> such as code fragments or active programs. The latter carry both code and
> execution state among fixed and mobile hosts, exploiting locality of resources
> and computation. A feature typical of all mobile environments is the need to
> adapt to a constantly changing context that is affected by variability of
> network characteristics, changes in the availability of resources, and
> heterogeneity among participating platforms. For these and other reasons,
> mobility is associated with increases in the complexity of the software
> development process. New software engineering techniques are needed to
> address the challenges posed by the development of software for physical and
> logical mobile environments.
> This special issue is intended to highlight new research that advances the
> understanding of critical issues in mobility and proposes viable solutions for
> the software engineering of systems that involve mobility in all its
> forms. Submissions are not restricted in any way. Topics of special interest
> include middleware tailored to mobility, tools to aid in the design of mobile
> systems, models that capture fundamental properties of mobility and enable
> formal reasoning about mobile systems, coordination techniques which address
> adaptability and security, and algorithms that solve fundamental problems in
> mobility.
> Submission guidelines
> ---------------------
> Authors are invited to submit an electronic version of their contribution in
> PostScript or PDF to, using ASE2001 in the subject
> line. Submissions must be received by January 5, 2001. Manuscripts must be in
> English, single-spaced, 12 point font size, and 15 pages maximum. In addition
> to the electronic version of the paper, the email submission should include a
> text-only version of the title, author(s) name and affiliation, abstract, and
> the name and address (both postal and electronic) for the contact author.
> Papers submitted for consideration by the special issue must represent
> original unpublished work. No version of the paper may be submitted
> concurrently to any other journal or conference. Any manuscript failing to
> meet this condition will be rejected outright.
> Important dates
> ----------------
> Publication of the special issue is expected in 2001.
> January 5, 2001 Submission Deadline
> March 23, 2001 First round review notification
> May 18, 2001 Re-submission revised papers
> July 13, 2001 Second round review notification
> September 7, 2001 Submission of final revisions
> Editors of the special issue
> -----------------------------
> Gruia-Catalin Roman Amy L. Murphy
> Department of Computer Science Department of Computer Science
> Washington University University of Rochester
> Campus Box 1045 P.O. Box 270226
> Saint Louis, MO 63130 USA Rochester, NY 14627 USA
> Kluwer Journal of Automated Software Engineering
> --------------------------------------------------
> This Journal is an archival, peer-reviewed journal publishing research,
> tutorial papers, survey and accounts of significant industrial experience in
> the foundations, techniques, tools and applications of automated software
> engineering technology. This includes the study of techniques for
> constructing, understanding, adapting, and modeling software artifacts and
> processes. Both automatic systems and collaborative systems are within the
> scope of the journal, as are computational models of human software
> engineering activities. Knowledge representations and artificial intelligence
> techniques applicable to automated software engineering are of interest, as
> are formal techniques that support or provide theoretical foundations.
Eugene Eric Kim wrote:

> We're going to have a meeting for the whole group next Tuesday, October
> 17, from 4-6pm, at SRI with the room TBA. It'll be an opportunity to
> catch up on the progress made over the past few months, as well as to talk
> about the direction we plan on taking the project from here on out. I'd
> encourage everyone to attend if you can, but I'll be sure to post minutes
> to this list as well.
> -Eugene
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