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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 23:31:57 PDT


Thanks very much for sharing personal experience, reminding once again that
necessity drives invention, and entails balancing competing demands for family
and making a living, with outside research, which somehow leads to an important
advance for OHS development.

A humorous example of John Lennon's axiom that "life is what happens to us while
we are making other plans," is a look at at the "real story" of how Newton
developed a theory of gravitation, and then what happened...

Rod wrote:
> Hello Again -
> At the risk of jumping out of the context of the current thread, I wanted to
> add just a bit of background on where my use of the Magic Lense came from and
> what I liked about it.
> The very short version is this - both my kids have Learning Disabilities and
> perceptual problems, and I've spent most of the past several years
> researching the way they visually perceive things, which is quite different
> than the "norm". In addition, I've worked on ways to compensate for the
> neurological activities that render their visual senses unreliable, along
> with the cognitive processes that accompany them.
> I latched onto the Magic Lens a few years ago when I was devising exercises
> to force hand/eye coordination and other neurological activity. What they
> did for my kids was force the eye to track the hand movements a little more
> aggressively than the standard mouse/cursor/menu setup. However, I never got
> past this initial stage due to the need to deal with real life (pay bills).
> However, I liked the concept enough to adapt it to the Hypermail Browser as
> an exercise to see how it worked in a practical application.
> Thanks for listening!
> ---Sheldon

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