Re: Minimizing traffic on this list

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 10:22:18 PDT

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Eric Armstrong wrote:

> As someone who's not atively engaged in the
> initial development effort, I think it makes
> sense for me to stay off this list, except
> to track progress and to perhaps comment on
> postings made by those who are actively
> engaged in that effort (when comments are
> solicited).

Just to clarify, for now, anyone who actively engages in the initial
development effort _is_ actively engaged in the initial development
effort, if that makes any sense at all. No one has been selected yet for
the core development team, and it probably won't happen before the end of
the year. And I don't think effort would be wasting working on small
projects right now, even if they don't end up being part of the core.

For example, we know that a link database is a key component of the OHS.
So if someone were to define some interfaces for this and perhaps even
work out a design, that would be very valuable to discuss, and it could
even form the basis of the link database in the official OHS down the

> At the moment, the ohs-dev list is looking a
> lot like the unrev list. The result is that
> I'm not seeing any development-related traffic
> here.
> That may be by design, in which case this list
> should go away. But if this list is *ever* to
> be useful for the development team, the rest of
> us need to use the unrev list, instead of this
> one.

That's not by design. I think that traffic on this list has improved over
time, but you're right, there's still a lot of traffic not directly
related to OHS development. However, I don't think we should stop
discussing OHS development on this list as a result. As I said before,
everything will get figured out over the next few months. If we need to
create yet another list for the official core group, then I'm sure we'll
do that.


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