Re: Draft Plan for HyperScope-OHS launch and development

From: Jack Park (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 07:07:11 PDT

Unless this use of the word HyperScope can be defended on a historical
level, I have found the following trademark registration for it on the web:
Typed Drawing


Goods and Services IC 038. US 104. G & S: telecommunications services;
namely, management and monitoring of electronic transmission of messages and
data. FIRST USE: 19921027. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19921027
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number 74349022
Filing Date January 15, 1993
Published for Opposition June 15, 1993
Registration Number 1791923

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> > Via the first basic AUGMENT-to-HTML translation process put together by Eugene, > I've installed a recent draft at > > <> > > There are a few translation details which could be fixed, but basically it does > what I'd looked for. > > Eugene adjusted the URL "naming" to mirror what we use in AUGMENT, where the > link address is <BI,2120,> -- i.e. it was submitted to the "BI" Journal, where > it was given the permanet access number of "2120". > > And, <BI,2120,3> would cite the "Phase-2" Branch within AUGMENT -- and that > part of the HTML version would similarly be cited with the URL > <> > > We might make adjustments to this "BI/2120.html" file, but the intent would be > that none of the content, structure, or "Location Numbering" would change. And > it undoubedly will be superceded with updated versions; and also supported by > other planning documents regarding deeper details and/or modifications to this, > and also plans associaed with other phases of the larger Bootstrap Program. > > So I invite dialog about this plan to make use of links to the specific content > locations being discussed. > > And note that we'd like to translate quite a few of the AUGMENT reference files > into this browser-accessible form. E.g., a full series of User Guides. > > Doug

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