Re: Plan for HyperScope-OHS launch and development

From: Jack Park (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 11:15:19 PDT

As always, citations to your web pages provide an enormous amount of insight
into the way you think. It is always a valuable exercise that you provide
us pointers.

On the page listed below, you discuss the following:
On 000601 Curt Carlson, CEO of SRI, is not convinced that Open
Source is the strongest strategy for developing the DKR.

Above that quote on that page you relate:
HyperScope and OHS will be Open-Source development for clear and
620406 - compelling reasons, stemming from the scale and rate of evolution
620407 - needed, and from the number of collaborative communities which need
620408 - be involved, PRO-ACTIVELY

Then, you say:
620410 - This is weak.

And you follow with:
620425 - Has the study been done; does it show compelling evidence that
620426 - supports open source development?

It is nice to be able to peruse your thoughts out in the public and to do so
in a calm, collected manner in which one has the time to sort out the
*meanings* (whatever that means) of statements in your personal journal. I
wish we could all be that open with our thoughts.

My take is that this is the collected thoughts of an individual carrying the
baggage of a personal bias towards open source. Nothing in the listed
citations pays hommage to the fact that thousands of individuals all over
the world came together to build Linux, an operating system that, indeed,
has the likes of Microsoft behaving in ways that are terribly
unprofessional, much like politicians who are trying to win office. Nowhere
do you cite any of the really important projects ongoing world wide that are
improving the lot of computer scientists, not to mention moms on the
internet doing their shopping and so forth.

For all of this to make complete sense, ultimately, your thoughts need to be
blended with those of others, not by email, but in a massively similar web
space. That way, we can all make sense of all of our biases.

What, in your judgement would constitute *compelling evidence*? Does the
fact that several dotcoms devoted to open source got great press, not to
mention a lot of wall street interest, do that? If not, then what?

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Subject: Plan for HyperScope-OHS launch and development

> Doug,
> Sounds like things are falling into place on your project. Please see my
> with a few links to your submission, as requested.....
> There is a post script on your social event. I think Henry may try to
stop by
> while he is in town, so I may get to meet him then.
> Thanks.
> Rod
> Doug Engelbart - Bootstrap Institute wrote:
> >
> > Via the first basic AUGMENT-to-HTML translation process put together by
> > I've installed a recent draft at
> >
> > <>
> >
> > There are a few translation details which could be fixed, but basically
it does
> > what I'd looked for.
> >
> > Eugene adjusted the URL "naming" to mirror what we use in AUGMENT, where
> > link address is <BI,2120,> -- i.e. it was submitted to the "BI" Journal,
> > it was given the permanet access number of "2120".
> >
> > And, <BI,2120,3> would cite the "Phase-2" Branch within AUGMENT --
and that
> > part of the HTML version would similarly be cited with the URL
> > <>
> >
> > We might make adjustments to this "BI/2120.html" file, but the intent
would be
> > that none of the content, structure, or "Location Numbering" would
change. And
> > it undoubedly will be superceded with updated versions; and also
supported by
> > other planning documents regarding deeper details and/or modifications
to this,
> > and also plans associaed with other phases of the larger Bootstrap
> >
> > So I invite dialog about this plan to make use of links to the specific
> > locations being discussed.
> >
> > And note that we'd like to translate quite a few of the AUGMENT
reference files
> > into this browser-accessible form. E.g., a full series of User Guides.
> >
> > Doug

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