Re: Get-acquainted meeting with Ken Holman, Saturday afternoon ...

Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 04:39:06 PST

Hi Doug -

Nice talking to you today, and Josh also says hi. Regretfully, we couldn't
get out of the client meeting we had scheduled tomorrow afternoon - we need
to deliver a project and get paid, with the emphasis on the dollars.

Maybe we could hook up some time next week to go over those notes I've been
accumulating and the interface ideas I'm working on. Also, I wanted to go
over some more of the work I've been doing with Josh.

On Sunday we are heading down to the peninsula to look at houses to rent, as
we are way too isolated up here in Marin. Hopefully, we'll be able to move
down there in the next month or so, which would make many things more
convenient and practical.

Also, I wanted to remind you to send me your Ricochet address so we can send
that logo to you to see what you think about it.

Best -

Sheldon & Josh

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