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Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 20:02:05 PST

While I am replying to an unrev post, I think this is an example of a
topic that could be continued on ohs-dev.

* Garold L. Johnson <> [001224 18:29]:
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> From: Eric Armstrong []
> "Garold L. Johnson" wrote:
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> > > A better alternative, if feasible, would be attributions attached to
> > > every phrase in the node....
> >
> > This is Ted Nelson’s passion. ... Nelson viewed
> > the attributed quotation mechanism as the basis for a royalty scheme
> > that would pay authors for the amount of their work that was viewed no
> > matter what document it was quoted in.
> [Eric Wrote:]
> [...]
> So, while I agree that attribution is 100% necessary, I
> disagree entirely with the notion of tying it to monetary
> compensation. It runs counter to the social mores of
> academia where "building a name" is deemed laudable, and
> where complete and accurate attribution is deemed a
> necessity.
> [Garold L. Johnson] Money or no money is totally not the point. The point is
> that the technology for tracking and propagating attribution was something
> that Ted Nelson worked out in Xanadu. What you do with the “points” that add
> up is completely irrelevant to the technology needed to support the
> accounting. I am simply suggesting that there is little chance of starting
> from scratch and successfully second guessing an effort that took several
> decades in development. Even if the only point of attribution is
> traceability to originating source, the required technology is the same.

Is anyone familiar with the technial specs of Xanadu? I have browsed
through quite a bit of the web pages and found some good references
among the many other pages.

Good Overview:

Technical description:

<opinion> And of course any real open-source project
          publishes source! </opinion>

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