Re: [unrev-II] Multiple Parents, Slash and Backslash

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 18:00:43 PST

In general, there's a lot of agreement here with the
structures I've been developing (although I have not
been focusing on interfaces, as I should).

Some specific questions follow...

Lee Iverson wrote:
> So, what we've done above is to separate the structure of our tree
> into a set of *placeless* Nodes (some of which have children) and a
> Document tree defined in terms of Paths which define where Nodes are
> *placed* in a Document.

  If nodes are "placeless", and a document is a collection of nodes,
  how is that some nodes have children? Doesn't that give them a

I'm trying to follow the structures here...
Ok. I see now. The Document is a tree of Path objects. Each Path
object contains a pointer to a Node, which in this version of the
interface could be either a TextNode or an ElementNode.

  Why does an ElementNode have a child?
  Why is it a Node object, rather than a Path object?
  A node that existed here would not have any existence
    in the Path structure, would it? Doesn't that make
    impossible to reuse substructure?


> 3) Versioning: Again, it is the nodes which are the units for
> maintaining version information. Thus:
> interface Node {
> ...
> readonly attribute Node olderVersion;
> readonly attribute Node newerVersion;
> Node versionDated (in Timestamp time);
> };
  Does "readonly" mean "writeonce"?
  If not, "newerversion" is gonna have a hard time
    being filled...

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