Re: [unrev-II] Multiple Parents, Slash and Backslash

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 11:25:24 PST

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Lee Iverson wrote:

> >Questions:
> > Why does an ElementNode have a child?
> > Why is it a Node object, rather than a Path object?
> > A node that existed here would not have any existence
> > in the Path structure, would it? Doesn't that make
> > impossible to reuse substructure?
> This is partly explained above. A key observation for reusing
> structure is that any particular Node may be inserted into position
> using any EditablePath object, irrespective of which Document the Path
> is in or how many other Paths exist which contain that Node.

I had the same question, and am still not clear. You have a tree of
paths, each of which points to nodes or potentially trees of nodes. If
you're placing a node that has a subtree of nodes into a new path, then
you've reused substructure, so I understand that point. My question is,
when do you create a child node versus a child path?

Some general questions: Are there situations when you want nodes to know
their parents? Suppose a group of people are collaborating on some
documents, and several people have documents pointing to a common set of
nodes. It would be nice if you could inform the document owners whenever
changes were made to those nodes.

Also, what about versioning of paths? Suppose I modify a document at
2pm by creating a new path that points to an existing node that was last
updated at 1pm. If I want to view the document as it looked at 1pm, won't
I see this node that was added at 2pm?


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