Re: Lee, Eugene, Grant, Jack?

From: Lee Iverson (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 10:37:31 PST

In message <>, Henry van Eyken writes:
>Too bad that this day and age I (home in Lakefield, Qué, Canada) cannot
>_cheaply_ sit in and observe first-hand the going-ons. I guess that's a
>feature that such good groupware as the OHS, with the blessings of the
>telephone companies, cannot ignore.
>Joe D Willliams wrote:
>> Good!
>> I just read Doug's notice for the 22nd, and I think it
>> would be a nice idea to meet before then and discuss

Yes. Too bad. Although Lakefield is beautiful.

In any case, I've booked EK255 at SRI from 2pm, so we can meet before
our Israeli friend gives his presentation. The topic of discussion
will be "A Whiteboard Session on Node Trees and Versioning".

Everyone welcome.

Lee Iverson SRI International 333 Ravenswood Ave., Menlo Park CA 94025 (650) 859-3307

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