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Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 13:29:07 PST

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> > On further poking around, I'm concluding that if one has an established
> > alphanumeric naming convention for a given DKR (like the OAD) -- AND an
> > intelligent mix of letters with the numbers, including the judicious use
> of
> > upper and lower case letters -- users will be able to remember hundreds
> > nodes in their own DKRs.
> Well, I have this to say about that. There are many kinds of thinkers,
> of which are the linear thinkers, and the non-linear thinker. A linear


> Memory is a funny thing. I am deeply ensconsed in a personal search for
> truth here. What is a mother to do?

Yep. DKRs will need *lots* of paths to the right content, if they're
going to work for all kinds of thinkers.


Nicholas Carroll

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