Re: Whiteboard session.

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 18:00:17 PST

Lee Iverson wrote:
> Any interest in doing something on Thursday before or after Doug's
> session at SRI. It would focus on a whiteboard discussion of the
> approaches that Eric and I have taken to the repository part of the
> DKR design problem.
> BTW: Eric At the meeting I was just at, an XML guru type used
> a beautiful shorthand for a shared element in an XML document using
> standard XLink syntax.
> <Road xlink:href="#foo">
> is to be replaced with a reference to the <Road> object with
> <Road id="foo">. Cool and ridiculously simple. I don't know if this
> is part of the standard semantics as described in the XLL Spec. I'll
> have to hunt that down.
That is indeed wicked cool syntax.

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