*MLs come later?

From: N. C a r r o l l (ncarroll@hastingsresearch.com)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 19:48:38 PST

A quickie:

Gack indeed. Anyway I think *MLs are getting
premature attention. From Doug and most folks who
are looking at the lower levels, tables seems to be
the consensus.

And when the Earth was finished, God created
semantics, so that people could view things in
different ways....


> Gack. I did't realize groves were sgml.
> Is an xml version part of what Eugene is
> proposing?
> "N. C a r r o l l" wrote:
> >
> > Had a look at groves. It didn't make my day, but then SGML
> > rarely does.

Nicholas Carroll
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