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From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 07:00:25 PST

None yet. But then, appropriate to the discussions going on here with Lee
and his design, it is worth noting that the topic map engine I am building
(jTME -- catchy name, what?) uses HypersonicSQL as its repository. Each
class (e.g. XTMTopic) is, somewhat like an EJB, self-SQLing -- if I can coin
such a term. I use tables for each of the 20 or so XTM elements. It's
being great fun to build. I'm about 20% through debugging the giant state
machine that manages compiling XTM documents.

jTME is a Java reconstruction of SemanText written in Python by Eric Freese
( Eric and I have an agreement to add an XML
Grove engine to it for the next book. What's interesting here is that this
combination of technologies, perhaps among other such combinations, just
might lend itself to an easy implementation of Lee's DDom at the same time.
In fact, DDom may accidentally fall out of the implementation. I'm watching
for that and hope Lee evolves a more-detailed spec soon.

By coupling the XTM 'Occurrence' link from, instead of an XLink:href, to a
grove call, or, perhaps letting the Xlink resolver code reside within the
grove engine, it becomes possible to construct a topic map that is capable
of 'addressing' anything that a grove can address.

For that ever present fire-em-upitis, google 'grove python' and, among other
hits, you get:
elsewhere: is an XML Testbed (Java)
that includes a tiny grove engine, at least, that's what it's called. You
can view the structure of that software at
It's downloadable, with source code, but not open source.
"This set of pages describes an XML Testbed application written in Java,
its own supporting XML infrastructure, including an XML parser and grove. A
feature of the infrastructure is a 'node type registry', which allows
control over which classes are used for particular types of elements - the
element class to represent them, the parser class to parse them, the
class to edit them and the view class to display them (using a Swing text

This program was written long before the advent of Xerces, Xalan, and so
forth, and represents a lot of hard work.

From: Eugene Eric Kim <>
> I'm looking forward to the book, Jack. It's probably too early, but any
> teasers as to the topics that will be covered?
> -Eugene

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