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From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 23:37:53 PST

Thanks for interest POIMS. Shouldn't there be attribution for information cited
on POIMS, with a link to establish context, using traceability to original
sources, called out by ISO 10006, reviewed on 950721.....

Everyone seems to feel attribution is an important part of KM; see, for example,
Dr. Jim Spohrer's presentation to Doug Engelbart's Colloquium at Stanford cited
most recently on 010211.....


I looked at your ideas on KM. You make a good effort to distinguish knowledge
from information, which is a predicate to moving from IT to KM by fostering a
culture of "knowledge." If time permits, a further look at both POIMS and NWO
may build on your ideas. Ultimately, the only way to grasp KM is by doing KM,
rather than talking about KM while doing IT, per the letter from John Maloney,
with KMCI, reviewed recently on 010114.....


Thanks again for interest in my work.


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