Re: the purpose of Paths

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 23:28:27 PST

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
> > Don't ignore it. Put simply, Paths are client-side, transient objects --
> > they are context holders. Path Descriptions would, however, be stored in
> > the Repository.
> This is one point I had a lot of trouble with.
Ditto. I look forward to nailing this down.

Note, too, that in the systems I envision you are *always*
modifying your own copy of things taken from the repository.
You then "publish" -- which could mean delivering your updates
to a main repository, or it could mean sending changes to
other peers who have sent in a data-synchronization request.
(Architecture TBD)

Because the client has a copy of the repositories, I'm not sure
I see the benefit in having Paths separated.

  You mentioned being really psyched by the papers on groves.
  Something in there obviously had a big impact. I look forward
  to discovering what it was.

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