Asynchronous chat is not purely additive

From: N. C a r r o l l (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 10:46:22 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <>
To: <>

> "N. C a r r o l l" wrote:
> >
> > Lee, regarding your comment that chat would not need
> > versioning. (And I supposed the same would be true of
> > hypermail.)
> >
> Lee was pointing out that chat systems would
> not need node versioning, because they are purely
> additive systems (add another new node). New
> information is added (appended) to the system,
> and the whole schmeer is archived (or not, as
> desired), but in any event node-versioning is not
> required.

Asynchronous chat is not purely additive; some
systems allow users to edit their own posts. Of
course one can then simply archive the post-edit
shmeer, but the previous version will be lost.


Nicholas Carroll

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