Re: DKRs without the "K"

From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 15:32:22 PST

dGrove. Well, DDom never really flipped any switches with me, other than
the underlying idea.

Those issues you mention, indeed, have all been solved one way or another,
which just happens to be the reason I have recruited those fellows to
participate in an XML rewrite of Groves and HyTime in the form of a book
with open source software. Getting knowledgeable folks like Eric to work
with us will largely be just like trying to pull the teeth out of a hen's


From: Eugene Eric Kim <>
> Looked at the site, and noticed that Eric is at ISOGEN. There's loads of
> knowledge at that company; perhaps our group will find ourselves working
> with them at some point. I just wish I could suck out the knowledge and
> experience that some of these docheads have. My suspicion is that a lot
> of the issues we are facing and will face may already have been solved,
> or at least thought about real hard.
> Incidentally, in honor of our recent conceptual progress, perhaps dGrove
> is a better name than DDOM? DDOM has the unsightly disadvantage of being
> associated with the DOM. :-)
> -Eugene

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