Re: XDegrees and document addressability

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 12:46:42 PST

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Lee Iverson wrote:

> Well, this doesn't seem clearly that different from the URN proposals
> that the IETF has been kicking around for years. And from the Product
> Description document, it seems as if it's at the same level of
> granularity as any other "file naming" system. Nowehere near granular
> enough for our purposes (at least at first flush).
> Moreover, it sounds like their system is quite analogous to Gnutella
> and the Ocean Store as far as object replication and distribution and
> that's a huge can of worms to open when the data objects are not
> themselves relatively static. I think its an important (eventual)
> twist, but definitely not something we want to worry about at the
> moment.

I'm in no ways arguing that XDegrees is the right solution for what we're
trying to do. My point is that we need to start thinking about
addressability at the document level as well as at the granular level, and
that they are equally hard and urgent problems.

Are URNs the right solution? I'm not sure yet. I have many questions
regarding the relationship between physical and logical locations of
documents, and I don't know the URN spec well enough to know if those
concerns are adequately addressed.


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