Attempting to generate an OHS To Do List.

From: Frode Hegland (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 01:58:53 PST

Hi guys.
I have been following the other OHS mailing list and only recently
subscribed to this one, at Dougs suggestion. It is clear that this is
where the real action is!
I am, like you, concerned at the lack of implementation and progress, soI
have put together a little attempt at a To Do list. I hope you can
forgive the very business like tone of the list, but it's time for blast
of I think you agree!
Due to the importance of the project and the urgency of finally getting
OHS of the round, we need to focus. We need to agree on a hierarchy of
objectives and get down to getting OHS moving. To be blunt, at this point
anything else is noise. Sorry if that sounds abrasive, I am humbled to be
even remotely associated with you guys. I am also a bit scared.
As I understand it, the goal is to get the OHS project up and running.
So, in most basic terms, events follow:
To get OHS up and running we need funding and participation from suitable
To get funding and participation from suitable organization we need to
communicate the benefit and value of OHS.
To communicate the benefit and value we need to research which
organizations are suitable and communicate the benefit and value of OHS.
To communicate the benefit and value of OHS we can use:
Demos of different aspects of OHS.
Demos of Augment to show where OHS comes from, illustrates what has
been done in Augment but has not reached general use and shows how many
of the problems of a networked environment has been solved, the same
problems the Internet is challenging the PC mind-set to solve now. A
short overview document which describes what OHS is, what it does and
what the benefit and value of OHS is. A beginning OHS. Anything we can
build now to show this is not just an idea is useful. A technical
description of a what OHS entails. At some point, alerting the press to
that fact that Doug is changing history again.
Please help me get this To Do List into shape. I'm sure I have gotten
priorities scrambled and forgotten important items. As we progress, I'll
keep this at
Thank you for taking the time to read this long, funny message by someone
who hasn't even posted here before!
Frode Hegland
UK: (44) 777 953 3856
US: (1) 877 239 1010

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