My OHS Thoughts

From: Jack Park (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 16:18:41 PST

I have placed a document at:
In which I begin (far from finished) the process of organizing (SDS-like) my
thoughts (and those of others) into a coherent picture that represents my
own highly personal view on what an OHS might look like. The paper is more
like an outline than a full-monty design document. It's headed in that
direction, however.
In fact, I have begun the process of gathering together various widgets I
have built along the way. An implementation now exists for, at least, the
Topic Map part. An early SDS and IBIS will soon follow.
It is my desire to get this prototype into a classroom at the highschool my
kids attend to begin first trials of the IBIS and SDS (journal keeping)
capabilities at that level.
The project is only passing the "half-baked" threshold as I write this. It
has a really long way to go before it will qualify to be called a candidate
It is my hope that others will take the OHS project seriously enough to
begin hacking rough implementations. I find it very useful to explore an
OHS with a working prototype.

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