Re: New XML DOM and Java Tool

From: Rod Welch (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 21:37:51 PST


Can you give a few brief examples of how this capability supports KM. Sounds
like a lot of work has been done. Recently Eugene Kim provided a link to the
web showing progress he is making. Is your work similarly on the web
somewhere? Does it relate to Eric's specs for the OHS, or to Doug's letter on



Joe D Willliams wrote:
> >From Web3D,
> Background
> When first working on the X3D code, we needed to produce a number of example
> applications that would show X3D content and how the Xj3D library was used.
> Swing was the user interface for this. One of the standard systems that we dealt
> with was a JTree as that heirarchical structure nicely reflects the DOM
> structure. So, as we thought it would be useful to users of the codebase all
> over, we decided to expend a little extra effort in building a complete JTree
> implementation that would interact with the DOM.
> Motivation
> As the code was going to be publically used we wanted to make sure that it
> functioned nicely. A simple hack was not going to be appropriate. The code had
> to support the full capabilities of our implementation of the DOM. To do this,
> we provided both static and dynamic aspects of the DOM specifications. Also, as
> the user might only want parts of it, we decided to provide a full range of
> options for swing pieces to be used.
> Extending the Code
> The current code has no knowledge of X3D specific items. That is, the items in
> the tree could come from any form of document.
> --
> Anyone interested in this?
> I think it could help in projects using XML and Java.
> Thank You and Best Regards,
> Joe

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