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Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 22:25:06 PDT

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From: Eugene Eric Kim <>

> I've released a new version of Purple, which is available at:
> I've fixed some bugs, added the <figure> and <example> elements to the DTD
> (so that I could produce my recently released groves paper), slightly
> improved the documentation, and, at the request of Murray Altheim, added
> an XSLT script that generates XHTML. As usual, feedback is welcome.

Formatting note:
If you look at hardcopy reports from Bootstrap, the node number
(while in black-and-white, not purple) is almost invariably:

1. Offset to the right of the text body.
2. In san serif font.

These two factors combine so that the node number is easily
found, and clearly not part of the body. In consequence the
nodes don't interrupt the reading, and are, dued to both font
and positioning, much easier to remember.

Number 1 is probably not worth messing with in HTML; why
add tables for such a minor benefit? However, I might suggest
that output:

1. Make the font san serif
2. And make font size=-1
3. And add 2-3 nbsp spaces between the end
of the paragraph and the node number.

I suspect these minor changes would allow the eye to more
smoothly glide past the node numbers, and aid in remembering
the numbers.


Nicholas Carroll

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